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My first memory of the “thea-tah” was when my grandfather took me to see Cats at The National Theater in D.C. I must have sung “Memory” the entire ride home. But, I was a dancer! There was no way I was getting up on that stage, memorizing lines, singing in front of people… 

Fast-forward ten years to me assistant stage managing my first college production. The actress playing the role of “Marianne” in Tartuffe was so sick that she couldn’t get out of bed. As it turned out, I could fit into her tiny costume… so, with only a few hours and zero rehearsal time, I was thrust into the play that night and never looked back. 

These days I feel the most alive when I step out on stage. I love the grandness of the theatre, but most importantly, I love connecting with an audience. Laughter may be the best medicine, but for me it’s a drug- and a highly addictive one. Luckily, in the theatre, it’s not only legal, but very much encouraged!